About Sara


Sara Meska-Flatten is a self-taught silversmith, jewelry designer, and creator of educational resources for those beginning their journey into metalsmithing. Her path as a creative force began when she was a small child attending college art classes with her mother, who was a student at the time. Though the medium of gemstone and metal was not a subject of her mother's studies, Sara remembers the sense of wonderment she felt at the notion of creating a powerful work of art from a collection of seemingly ordinary tools. Years later, the desire to carve out her own space in the world of art started her down the path that eventually led to the creation of Dashota.

In Sara's studio, you will find no shortage of silver, gemstones and tools, all carefully selected for the purpose of creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to be offered up to other jewelry enthusiasts. A firm believer in the artisan spirit, Sara also works to make the art of metalsmithing more accessible to those who wish to begin their venture into the craft. Through the offering of a variety of educational resources, Sara hopes to aid in the boom of a generation of self-starting artist and the value of quality craftspersonship over impersonal mass production.