Cactus Flower - Soy Candle 8oz

Cactus Flower - Soy Candle 8oz


So, what exactly does Cactus Flower smell like? As the mind can process both the literal and emotional aspects of scent, I will offer you two answers to that question:


  • One of those festivals in the middle of the desert where people wear far too little clothing for the conditions and not enough sunscreen

  • Putting on a new outfit and realizing that you look like a damn snack

  • Waking up without an alarm clock (includes children)

  • Being really excited about succulents and the hope that you’ll keep them alive longer than a week. After all, how hard can it be?


  • Agave

  • Aloe

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Green Floral

  • Green Leaves

  • Patchouli


  • Soy Wax

  • Fragrance Oil (Phthalate Free)

  • Cotton Wick

  • Color: Natural/Undyed

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