Resources for Learning


At the Bench

    Curated by Andrew Berry, professional goldsmith and educator from the UK. He has over 28 years of experience, and with a massive video library of tutorials and dissecting intricacies of the process, it shows. Membership to At the Bench costs $20.99 USD per month or $166.65 USD if you pay for a full year up front. As a member myself, I fully back this as the best resource I have found for learning. If you are serious about metalsmithing, this is one of the best educational investments I believe you can get. Want to casually check it out before you commit to a monthly fee? At the Bench also has a FreeView page with some how-tos, product reviews, and printable resources for you guessed it, FREE. Check out the FreeView page here.


Nancy L.T. Hamilton

    You like your metalsmithing information in abundance and with sass? Nancy is the perfect place to go to for a down-to-earth approach on the art. She touts over 90 educational videos and so many written resources on her website that I’ve lost count. Honestly, don’t even try to count. Just trust me and visit her website and get lost in information for hours. My favorite page on her site is her Questions and Answers page here.



    If you have already started asking Google your burning metalsmithing questions, there’s a good chance you’ve already ended up on this site. Ganoksin is an online hub where other jewelry makers gather to throw around ideas, ask questions, and offer advice to newbies all the way to advanced metalsmiths. There are members-only resources on Ganoksin for those willing to pay for information and videos. Prices currently range from $6-$25 USD per month. While I cannot offer testimonial to the paid portal, I often visit their community forum here.



Metalsmith Society

    Started by the wonderfully talented Corkie Bolton, Metalsmith society is a community for jewelers to come together to share information, resources, and (my favorite) techniques/workbench hacks. If you’re looking for a place to network with other metalsmiths (number 5 of my “5 Things You Should Know” video), this is it. Corkie is incredibly accommodating to everyone in the community. This is also a great place to share YOUR tricks of the trade! Don’t even think twice, follow @metalsmithsociety and thank me later.



Andrew Berry

    Yes, THAT Andrew Berry. You know, the one from earlier on my list? Somehow, he runs a shop in the UK, creates content for At the Bench, AND uploads videos to his YouTube channel on a regular basis. What does someone this busy do with their day, you ask? Well, not only does Andrew upload informative metalsmithing videos, he also gives an inside look into the day of a professional goldsmith and tool junkie. If you’re interested in an At the Bench membership but aren’t sure if you’ll use the resource, check out Andrew’s channel. Be sure to turn on notifications to his videos as well as subscribing so you don’t miss out on his content!


Nancy L. T. Hamilton

    By now, you probably think I’m just repeating resources, but it’s for good reason. I promise! As with Andrew Berry, I first found Nancy L. T. Hamilton on YouTube. If you like an unassuming approach to learning and LOVE to laugh, Nancy’s your gal. Nancy’s channel offers information on a plethora of techniques. If you are more drawn to the artisan and technical aspect of metalsmithing, Nancy’s channel is right up your alley.


Rio Grande

    There’s a reason why a high percentage of jewelers in the US purchase tools and materials from Rio. They are an ethical business and they know their shit. I don’t say that lightly. Rio has been around since 1944, and thankfully they’re willing to drop some knowledge on their YouTube channel. A good number of the videos are hosted by Mark Nelson, their resident educator who will leave you feeling the need to add new tools and techniques to your arsenal. 


Online Jewelry Academy (OJA)

Melissa Muir

Soham Harrison

Leslie Kail Villarreal

Kevin Potter